Yacht Raid In UK Waters

A recent yacht raid that was conducted near the Isles of Scilly was in the news recently. It was about illegal immigrants being suspected to be on board.

The surveillance and raid was conducted by the Border Force, whose proactive work on the waters paid off. There was the news received due to which a raid was conducted on a yacht that was carrying illegal immigrants. The result of the raid was four people being detained. The vessel that was raided was a 26 foot yacht named Kozyavkin. The boat was towed by Border Force vessel to St Mary’s Harbor. The raid was done in the early morning hours, around 6.40 am on June 28th. There was a pilot boat called Pegasus that was also suspected to be involved.

When the yacht carrying illegal immigrants was intercepted there were four people found on board. They were identified as Ukrainian nationals. There were checks made, after which they were arrested on office of immigration by Devon and Cornwall police authorities.  

The unit of the Immigration Enforcement, Criminal and Financial Investigations then got involved to question and determine the offense done by these illegal immigrants. The men arrested are now being detained by Border Force and would be removed from the UK. The vessel has been impounded and remains under police custody at the St Mary’s Harbor. The act of intercepting the yacht was made by a coastal patrol vessel. They intercepted the vessel and after the checks were done and arrests made, it was towed to harbor. Cornwall and Devon police authorities have arrested these men on grounds of illegal immigration and the offense of facilitating the same. The yacht and scenes of how the Border Force towed it in can be found in different news, blogs and forum along with details of the illegal immigrants captured.