Yacht Raid In UK Waters

A recent yacht raid that was conducted near the Isles of Scilly was in the news recently. It was about illegal immigrants being suspected to be on board.

The surveillance and raid was conducted by the Border Force, whose proactive work on the waters paid off. There was the news received due to which a raid was conducted on a yacht that was carrying illegal immigrants. The result of the raid was four people being detained. The vessel that was raided was a 26 foot yacht named Kozyavkin. The boat was towed by Border Force vessel to St Mary’s Harbor. The raid was done in the early morning hours, around 6.40 am on June 28th. There was a pilot boat called Pegasus that was also suspected to be involved.

When the yacht carrying illegal immigrants was intercepted there were four people found on board. They were identified as Ukrainian nationals. There were checks made, after which they were arrested on office of immigration by Devon and Cornwall police authorities.   (more…)

A Double Handed Female Team Formed

The World Cup Series that was recently held in France showcased the struggles and successes of several teams.

As this international sailing event demanded, people had to be focused on their skills as well as being driven towards specific goals. This was required more where teamwork was involved, such as double handed Olympic class boats. Two people who sail such a boat need to be driven by the same goal or else it can affect the overall performance or results they achieve at the end.

For instance, the pair that comprised of Mikaela Wulff and Noora Ruskola from Finland showcased a struggle at this point. The pair was sailing in the 49erFX fleet in this series while they had sailed the 470 in the Trofeo Princesa Sofia event and would be handling a similar vessel in the upcoming European Championships of the 470 category that would be held in Monaco. Both the sailors had started in Optimist category and then sailed Zoom8. (more…)

Groupama Will Arrive Late In Bermuda

In 2016 series of America’s cup France Groupama Team struggled in entire championship, and now in the 2017 championship until they are making late entry.

It appears that the Groupama team will be the last one to reach Bermuda to begin training for the new season. There are six teams taking part in the America’s Cup World Series 2017, out of which five are expected to launch their class boat in Bermuda by the January but the France team has no such plans.

The 2016 training program of Groupama will end on December 18 2016. After the completion of training Bruno Dubois team manager will explain to them how their 45-foot catamaran used for training will be converted into America’s Cup class boat. (more…)

Enhancing Chances For Social Connections

The success of sailing is largely dependent on the success of the social aspects at all levels of the sport. It is the same for kids as well and not different for high level competitions. When sailors get a chance to freely interact with other sailors on the water they have all the more reasons to connect with and grow with the sport. Two of the best examples include the Pleon Yacht Club and Fleet 5 of the Rhodes 19 class.

The Pleon Yacht Club is indeed the oldest sailing club in the country for juniors. It has generated more than the actual shares of the world class sailors. The main key to its success is the culture of “kids only” that makes it so popular. The officers of the club are kids and the instructors are mostly college kids, who are intersested in getting trained up so that they can take a Kastela Bareboat Yacht Charter of their own one day. Also, the directors of the program are none other than young adults.

Furthermore, the 50 year old club Fleet 5 of the Rhodes 19 was never so strong or vibrant like it is now. The sailors are mostly out of colleges with a whole lot of energy. There is a top group like, other common groups that sets expectations to achieve victory through trophies. The team does a great job of providing clinics wherein the main sailors help others raise the game. The all year fleet parties that take places offer the social connection to keep every member involved and interested. (more…)

Preview Olympic Sailing

The fourth day of Olympic sailing coming up tomorrow, it was seen that China’s contestant Xu challenged the US contestant. The races in the opening series continued this day in the single person sailing category. Contenders slowly started to emerge and become evident from the pack. There were a total of 12 races that took place today, the fourth day of sailing races in the Rio Games.

The Men’s Finn category was first after, which were the Laser Radial races for women. This was followed by the men’s category for Radial as well as the windsurfing races of the RS: X class for men and women. (more…)

British Team set to defend the America’s Cup title on British Waters

Ben Ainslie as well as his Land Rover BAR squad is looking to become the very first British crew to get the America’s Cup which in its 165th year in 2016. And if productive, they plan to fight back in the British Waters.
But had Team Oracle USA (he was a part of it) not pulled off a magnificent reversal from 8-1 down to 9-8 to become champion at the America’s Cup in San Francisco Bay in the year 2013, the 4-time Olympic champ is inexorable the situation would be very much different.
Britain’s most idolized sailor told that it was always a huge shot. He remember primary meetings with Russell Coutts and Larry Ellison, they wanted him to sail for Oracle and he agreed if they gave him a boat to race in the World Series with a view to building up a British squad for the next race. But halfway through that Cup he certainly did not think it looked good.


Wally Yachts new superyacht set for regatta

Known for its aggressive and quick ships, Wally Yachts of Monaco has officially introduced Galateia (which is the 3rd ship in its Wallycento series which includes Magic Carpet). The hundred-foot Galateia is the biggest sailing vessel in its class and it presently holds the fastest time at a meet in Majorca.

Like its forerunners, the boat is highly technical as well as ideal for racing. Built like a real maxi yacht, Galateia is fitted with a newly made bow thruster which serves reduce wind impact and ameliorates the ship’s systems as well as cruising capabilities, when a redesigned helm offers the helmsperson with more stability and command in tough situations. (more…)