For The First Time, The Professional Crew Is Set To Be All – Female In The Hobart Yacht Race

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will have the first-all female professional crew in order to empower more participation and representation by females and also promote the health of the ocean and the sustainability of it with a view to win Cap of the Tattersall in the city of Hobart.

The all-female crew for the first time in professional sailing will be 13 in number and they are competing in partnership with an organization that is known for its work towards providing more sustainability in the sport. However, the team name continues to convey their intentions of spreading awareness about the Ocean to fellow competitors and fellows quite gracefully.

The skipper, Stacey Jackson conceded that it is a wonderful opportunity to be the one creating history to be in the sail with the first team to be all – female crew and that he is thrilled to bring women to the forefront in the sport. That is also helping them create awareness among Australian public about the health issues that are faced by the ocean.

The team has called for more power and innovation to be added to the sport. Rob MacMillan seemed to be proud and thrilled about working with Stacey Jackson’s team in the Rolex Yacht Race as it would provide a great opportunity to create awareness on the pollution of the ocean, especially by plastics.

This is one major innovation and point in the history of sailing. It will be to see whether the initiative taken will be replicated by other teams around the world and some progress on the issue of ocean pollution will be made. Indeed this moment has been historic and the women power in the game is set to continue.