Groupama Will Arrive Late In Bermuda

In 2016 series of America’s cup France Groupama Team struggled in entire championship, and now in the 2017 championship until they are making late entry.

It appears that the Groupama team will be the last one to reach Bermuda to begin training for the new season. There are six teams taking part in the America’s Cup World Series 2017, out of which five are expected to launch their class boat in Bermuda by the January but the France team has no such plans.

The 2016 training program of Groupama will end on December 18 2016. After the completion of training Bruno Dubois team manager will explain to them how their 45-foot catamaran used for training will be converted into America’s Cup class boat.

The training catamaran of Groupama was launched in July 2016 and it was made up of elements that can be used in the boat for ACC; the boat that will be used to compete in Bermuda. However, only 90 percent of an element can be used in the ACC and to get it complete some modifications has to be done. The team is going to bond some hulls on it that are longer about 1.5 meters. In addition to that, some more advanced systems will also be added in it.”

The entire work of changes will be done by France’s shore crew of Groupama Team. They will work in Vannes with Multiplast yard, from December 26 to January mid after that boat will be brought to Bermuda for training. However, end of January is not the last date for making all the changes in boat and making it ready for ACC. The first test of ACC boat will be done in the first week of March. Things will be finalized by the end of March and after the Groupama will continue its training on full swing.